Thursday, April 2, 2009

Conficker Update (Still not sure if it's a Hoax)

ConfickerApril 1st has come and gone and the crafty Conficker virus has yet to have the catastrophic Y2K effect experts anticipated. Will something happen today? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?

Still, no one knows. I’m starting to think this whole Conficker thing really is a hoax, a scam created by all those anti-virus companies to scare people into buying their products.

Or, maybe the fake security software getting picked up by search engines IS the next phase of Conficker:

Scammers game Google’s search engine by creating Web sites full of search terms. Another tactic is spamming high-traffic Web sites that lead back to their malicious site in order to drive their Web site up the search ranks.

The fake security software Web sites will ask a user to download a file that scans a machine for malware. The software usually tells the user the PC has malicious software even if it isn’t infected. The software will then badger the user to buy the questionable security program
(from Information Security Resources).

(Is it just me, or does this kind of sound like all the news reports badgering people to install Norton and the like?)

My half-assed conspiracy theory aside, as long as you're fearful of other viruses and already have your computer protected, you should be safe from this one too.

(Image:ABC News)

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