Monday, February 16, 2009

business day v. Family Day

Today is Family Day, and some people are complaining (and no, it’s not just those clocking in hours). According to CTV, small business-owners aren’t happy with the new stat holiday because they stand to lose $2 billion just for keeping their doors closed.

Creature Comfort Co.I have two family members who fall into this “small-business owner” category; my stepmom owns a pet/wild bird food store, Creature Comfort Co., which is across the street from my aunt’s bulk/health food store, Foodstuffs, in downtown Georgetown.

FoodstuffsNow don't get me wrong, I always enjoy a day off, but since these stores are located downtown, they have to close on Sundays too. If small businesses are losing money because they have to close one Monday in February, it seems like nothing in comparison to four or five Sundays every month. But they’re still doing well.

Since they're small, local, independent businesses, their customers are very loyal and would probably just go shopping there tomorrow if they needed something. And since my stepmom and aunt only have a few employees – well, compared to the amount of employees at say, one Tim Hortons – they usually work every day that they’re open. If you ask me, they deserve a break.

I just wonder how long it’ll take Hallmark to start making cards...

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  1. I think forced-holidays are the relics of the religious roots of government. It's simply not viable to force businesses to do that these days. Hopefully this changes some time soon; I personally think the government needs to stop forcing issues like this.

    If the government wants to protect the workers best interest they need to make this optional for the worker/business -- if either wants the holiday they get it. If they don't then they they don't. Simple enough.