Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Women Everywhere! Beware Dick Masterson

MenAreBetterThanWomen.comI just came across this website called I don’t really know if it’s a joke, but I’m pretty sure there are actually men that stupid out there. So naturally, I must rant about it.

I’ll try to keep this short, but I doubt it will be sweet. And just so I don’t go rambling on in a fit of rage and annoyance, I’ll just refer to one of the articles, entitled, “Female Oppression: More Monkey Shit.”

In this article/piece of crap that makes absolutely no sense, it’s argued that MEN are the ones who have been oppressed for centuries (but keep in mind, the few brave men he's talking about were punished by other men):

“The fact is, men have been the real victims of oppression throughout history, not women. Men have been oppressed for their brilliance in math. Men have been punished for their innovations in science. Men have been drowned, stabbed, burned, tortured, and killed just for picking up a piece of chalk instead of a frying pan and a birth control test.”

feminismAre you insane? It was never a law that (white) men couldn’t vote; it was never a law that a wife could beat, rape, or kill her husband. Look, I could go on for days about why this guy is a complete moron, and a...what's that word again? Oh yeah, hypocrite, but I won’t! At least not right now.

I would just like to bring to attention a story about a Saudi woman who is going to jail for being gang-raped.

After she accepted a ride from a man, the 23-year-old woman was taken to a house and gang-raped by the kidnapper and four of his friends. When she found out she was pregnant and attempted to get an abortion, she was taken to court and given a one-year prison sentence. After the child is born (that’s right, no abortion AND jail-time) she will receive 100 lashes.

The crime? Adultery - even though she’s not married.

Is that not female oppression? Or is it just evil?

...Dick! (Actually his name. Go figure.)


  1. I'm being skeptical, and I'm trying to figure out of he's being deliberately chauvinistic and controversial to sell his book, or actually believes what he says. Hopefully, it's the prior one.

  2. I hope so too. But reading the comments to his articles, it seems a lot of men out there agree with him/are buying his book. Maybe they're just in on the joke...that is, if it is a joke.

  3. Dick Masterson is speaking the truth!Men are superior to women in a lot of ways: men are far stronger, more intelligent and way better at handling their emotions than women.Only things females are good at is nagging and being attention whores.All feminists are shit bitches whose ideals make no sense, they want 'special right' for females at work, school etc.All major inventions were made by men, all important wars were fought by men.Females dont belong in the army, all they do is fuck it up and compromise men's lives.I dont hate women, I actually like and am attracted to girls.

    All women should respect/submit to their men.And the man in turn can protect and care for her.But a lot of women, like masterson pointed out are cheating whores.But I do believe there are a few who deserve to be treated right and are genuinely loving and can be trusted.Females should stop listening to the fat, ugly feminist cunts and should stop tryin to be men.No such thing as 'equality'.Men are better than whimmin.Period.Hope you realise that and become the type of woman we men want, babe.It's a great book and is 100% true.

    1. You idiot. Dick is the stupidest attention whore ever!

  4. @Raj, Are you F'ing retarted? it doesnt matter that men faught the wars because they started them. If women (NOT Whimmin you ungrateful bastard) had the chance to create things back then, then we'd probably be a lot more advanced. Women gave birth to everyone on earth so we'll do whatever the hell we want and wont take any crap from idiot like you. it is proven men cheat more than women. And feminists are a billion times braver and probably better looking than your sorry ass, what the hell have you done that makes you superior to any woman? Gender doesnt matter, any woman or man can be taught to act or do anything, thier gender has nothing to do with their actions its what they see or hear or believe that determines how they act.

  5. Dick Masterson's rhetoric is just a self fulfilling prophecy, and I think he's taking what he views as an equal and opposite reaction to feminism, which in turn is making him right. He has crafted himself into such a situation that no matter what you say you're wrong, and using actual logic doesn't even matter. He's so out there with it that if you say his views are illogical, he can turn it back on you and say that's how feminists have been for YEARS... The whole thing is full of logical fallacies of ad hominems, appeal to authority, and circular reasoning... I would like to see him debate a feminist though...I think it would be fun to watch, and give a real insight on what this guy's motives are.

  6. Lol this jabroni is sooooo stupid I don't get why anyone even pays attention to him. Anyone who thinks or says shit like that isn't even worth the time. He'll never get any woman who isn't a hooker again. Let him rot. Why should we care?