Friday, March 13, 2009

5 Funny Human-Made Crop...Circles?

Also known as wheat graffiti, crop circles have so far defied explanation.

Since they first appeared in England 30ish years ago, hundreds of new formations pop up around the world every year...and they're getting bigger and more complex.

But some are definitely human-made.

I have to admit, they can sometimes be hard to decipher from the "real" ones (yes, I got fooled a few times), but not these crop circles -if that's what you call them. Nope. These ones are just funny.

Hello Kitty crop circle

4. footprint crop circle

3. Pacman crop circle

2. question mark crop circle

1. Shredded Wheat crop circle

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  1. Haha Crop circles, these are fantastic! They look like they would require so much work, I am not sure I would be able to be so dedicated and exact to create such a wonderful work of art!

  2. This is very interesting, especially thew fact that humans made these. I wonder if there is an explanation for the crop circles though.

  3. This is awesome! I love the Shredded Wheat version.

  4. This goes to show that most crop circles aren't created by aliens.


      The answer to that is an emphatic NO!! AND I HAVE PROOF!

      First of all, you must understand that these crop circles that show up all around the world are very intricate and complex.
      Most are done at night when visibility is nearly zero.
      In December of 2011, armed with tools, electronic compass,
      heat guns, and dark clothes I conducted an experiment in the countryside of England. What you will learn from this should end the controversy FOREVER!!
      First, let me tell you what led to this. After watching countless television documentaries, and reading many Internet cases of Crop Circle activity, I decided to confront my neighbors behind me. I decided to just ask them point blank if they thought they could pull one off. I jumped the fence between us and knocked on their back door that was nearly off its hinges. Loud blues music was coming from the living room. I knocked again a little harder and Bob came to the door and opened it. I could smell liquor on his breath so I figured they were having another party. He handed me a cold one and I told him that I wanted to talk to all of them (my girlfriend calls them “the boys”) about something important.
      The music went down and I sat on the couch and explained that I wanted them to go to England with me and make a crop circle in a field. My design was not too complex. It would only take one evening and I would pay for the expenses.
      You should have seen their faces! Crop circles!! Sure we can do it! So off to England we went.
      We arrived by private plane three days later. I made sure that everyone was sober. The tools were explained and the design was approved by all. At nine o’clock that night we entered the field.
      I set up six video cameras to record the event using infrared technology. There were seven men total who would do the work. At exactly ten o’clock, the work began.
      Once it started, I couldn’t stop laughing! Mind you-no one was drunk, but if you have ever seen an alien’s little spindly legs trying to walk on matted wheat… god, too funny for words!
      My girlfriend and I just kept cheering them on! They kept falling and getting caught in the measuring cord. Hours went by. I kept having to move the cameras because they couldn’t stay on course. I kept hearing “No light, No light!” and realized that the little aliens can’t see that well at night even with those big eyes.
      At one point the design ended up in another farmers field. He was growing pot. It got real quiet. Then we heard giggling. I called them over and you could smell the ganja on them. At that point I knew it was over. Besides the sun was starting to come up.
      So we packed it up and left. I had a friend fly over the next day to take a photo of the crop circle but it wasn’t much to look at. It looked like some drunks got in a brawl in a wheat field. So there! Proof. No way aliens are making these enigmatic designs!