Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why, Infomercials? Why?!

Do you ever see those infomercials that highlight herbal remedies that no one knows about but "totally work"? There’s always the same Letterman-style set-up with a fake night-time city in the background, and some person no one’s ever heard of being interviewed by someone else no one's never heard of. The whole thing = cheesiness (especially when it's on during the day).

Here are some of the more ridiculous quotes from an infomercial for Veggie Cal D. From what I could gather, it’s some sort of combination of seaweed, calcium, and vitamin D.

Said product:

  • “is a natural medical insurance”
  • “is a super-supplement”
  • “is an insurance policy to better health”
  • “can reduce risk of cancer by up to 50%”
  • "is made from God-given nutrients”

From the interview:

  • “They (pharmaceutical companies) don’t want you to know about it.”
  • “I’m just reporting on what the scientific community is reporting on.”

In small print:

  • “Results not typical”
  • “Not tested by the Food and Drug Administration”
  • “Not intended to prevent diagnose, treat, or cure any disease”

I’m sold!

Vitamin DOr, maybe I could just drink some milk, eat some cereal (with more milk), and chill out in the sun instead of inside with these ridonculous twisting-of-the-truth-o-mercials.


  1. Alright, this is a little bit of a far-out comparison, but as an MIT student, do you remember taking 202: History of Communication with Robinson? I disintctly remember a class where we focused on advertising, and how ads for herbal remedies and medicines were the first to become popular (things to cure the common cold and stuff). It's funny to think that we were laughing about how out-dated these ads were, but in seeings this, we really haven't come that far.

  2. It is not true that you cannot find this veggie cal on the market.
    Firstly, buy a good Vit least 2000 or more...Excuse me, first go to your dr. for a specific blood test that will show you how low or insync your vit D is....As far as Calcium, it is best to get in your food, but a supplement would not hurt.....specifically a soft gel or a powder in capsule for the algae.....just take kelp, eat raw foods, etc. etc....just go to any website regarding good nutrition....