Saturday, March 28, 2009

Psychics "Help" during Recession

psychicIt’s tough finding a job in these hard times. How about trying your hand at psychiatry? I don’t mean psychology; I’m talking about predicting the future.

The psychic business is up, and the topic is money.

So it looks like now’s the perfect time to open your own business charging people $10 to tell them the economy is in a slump.

"I don't think really the economy is gonna pick up for another two years," says Sherry Starr, a psychic whose business has gone up 50% since September.

But don’t worry. Starr offers some helpful advice that you can’t get from your friends and family:

"What about a job change? A job change is in your cycle right now."


"I see more success for you. More changes.”

Paula Whittle, one of Starr’s customers says the reading will have a positive effect on her economic decisions: "I will probably be more cautious with my spending the rest of the year."

I see...a waste of $10.

(Image: The Love Psychic.)


  1. Try 50 - my friend Jenny is obsessed with psychics and goes all the time. I was shocked when she told me a cheap psychic is 50 dollars; she normally pays 75

  2. Wow! Those psychics better know everything for that price.

    One time I was in Toronto with my friend and he just decided to have his palm read. It cost $20 and everything turned out to be wrong.

    I guess it depends on the psychic...