Monday, March 2, 2009

Questions for Pro-Lifers

The other day when I went grocery shopping I spotted some pro-life protesters across the street waving “Stop abortion” and “This hospital kills babies in the womb” signs.(Image: NewsPick.) I had one immediate response when I saw this: What exactly do they mean by “Stop Abortion”?

abortion protest
But the questions didn’t stop there.

Does stopping abortions mean all abortions, no matter the reason or circumstance?
Does this also include rape victims?
What about 13-year-olds who, at 13, simply aren’t ready to become parents?
Are the people protesting for abortion bans the same people who oppose safe-sex education in schools? (Because if so, that would be messed up.)
Isn’t the world already over-populated?
What about the recession? What if the would-be parents can't afford a child?
Aren’t couples who have abortions heartsick by their decision? Why should it be made any harder for them?
What if the mother has health problems and the pregnancy threatens her life?
What about violent pro-life protesters? Doesn’t violence negate the pro-life cause?
Would banning abortions cause private “clinics” to be set up?
Why not let people make their own decisions?
Would denying people that option deny them certain freedoms?
Why aren’t people more sexually responsible?
Would banning abortion result in less unwanted pregnancies?
Will this debate ever end?

So many questions. Please share your thoughts.

Check out The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and Stats Canada for abortion statistics.


  1. Yikes that's a lot of questions. I'll answer some that I can think of answers to at the moment.

    As a disclaimer, I don't take sides in this argument. I think mostly because my own mind isn't made up on it yet.

    But I can fully understand both sides of the argument. The whole point is once a human life has been created, unmaking it is murder. Rape victims, younger mothers, being able to financially support a child... to a pro-lifer, none of these reasons justify taking a life. Or, again, they'd call it murder. So they'll be aiming to stop "all" abortion, I'd think.

    What really interests me is when you asked whether the banning of abortion would result in less unwanted pregnancies. I think... not at first, and not to a dramatic extent, but it very well could. Although in many cases people don't think ahead to major possibilities like that. In many cases people don't think ahead at all.

  2. I think one of the more interesting questions for pro lifers is: "If abortion were to be made illegal, what is just punishment for a woman who has an abortion?"

    Does she get charged with murder? Does she recieve jail time?

    I don't think this is something that runs through many pro-lifers minds, and if it does, I'd really like an answer.

  3. Well this is a very polemic topic in many parts of the world.
    My opinion, I guess that any mother can decide what they want to do.
    That's it.

  4. a good way to stop abortion is not having more sex, so let's stop having sex, hahaha no, I'm just kidding. seriously we must take in account this polemic topic...